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1-866-845-3134 phone sex with Zoe

Teen Phone Sex with Phone Princesss Zoe

Welcome to my site!

My name is Zoe, and I guess you could call me a "professional" phone sex operator? I don't know, I don't really look at it *that* way because I have WAY too much fun, but yeah, this is me and my site and stuff.

Really though, I am just a college freshman who is doing the whole school thing, and found a way to actually have FUN paying for it. I have always been really open minded about sex and experimentation, and I used to chat online all the time with guys and have cyber sex and phone sex with the guys. One guy told me I was good enough to get PAID for it, and now that I am 18 and money is kind of tight with the whole school thing (TUITION MUCH??) and a teen phone sex extraordinaire was created lol.

I have been having a blast so far, and I have found that I really doing this whole thing with NO TABOOS and NO RESTRICTIONS. I grew up in a house that was super open about sexuality and was encouraged to explore and experiment at a very young age. I guess you could say we brought new meaning to the family that plays together stays together. Who can argue with "if it feels good, do it?"

Obviously this means I am totally into the no limits phone sex fantasies. I will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to get you off. If you love teen phone sex with a sweet young voice, we will have a great time- here are some of my teen phone sex specialties:

* Age Play Phone Sex Fantasies * * Kinky Coed * * Babysitter Phone Sex * * Serious Slut * * Bratty Domination * * Sugar Daddy * Blow Job Phone Sex * * Anal Sex * * Fuck My Pussy * * Gangbang Phone Sex * * Sorority Girl / College Girl Roleplay * * Princess Fun * * GFE / Girlfriend Experience Calls *

Looking for something even more extreme? YES, I DO ANY HARDCORE FANTASY!

* Rape Phone Sex * * K9 / Bestiality Phone Sex * * Extreme Age Play * * Daddy Daughter Incest Phone Sex Role Play * * Suck Daddy's Cock * * Brother Sister Phone Sex Fantasy * * Teen Hooker / Baby Prostitute * and more!

And if it is not on here? JUST ASK! I am seriously open minded, willing to do ANYTHING to make you cum!

I am also keeping a phone sex blog/diary- so check back often to read what's new in the world of Zoe!

So why are you waiting? Try me ANYTIME- dial me directly at 1-866-845-3134 now!

Credit card billing: visa, mastercard, and American Express

All calls $2.00 per minute with 10 minute minimum. Charges appear as "1-866-995-7474 Symmetry Concepts"; see my rates & billing page for more information.

1-866-845-3134 phone sex with Zoe
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